For the new eye prosthesis wearer:

This is a quick video of how to take out an eye and put it back in.  It is ideal to look up while removing the prosthesis and to look down when inserting it. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water before removing the prosthesis.  Never soak your eye in alcohol. Do soak it in hydrogen peroxide if you feel you have an infection. Also, remember to rub towards your nose or pat your eye if you have to rub it. Rubbing away from your nose can cause the prosthesis to fall out. Don’t hesitate to call your ocularist with any questions pertaining to the prosthesis.

Henry’s created a dilating prosthetic eye which is offered at our location as well. Here is an interview that talks in depth about it a little more.



Henry LaFuente also has many other skills such as, new ways to fix a cow or horses leg in a less invasive way in hopes of helping humans and other animals as well.